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I am Meredith
I am Mother Mere Stands with Staff
I am Ananda Satya

I see you. I hear you. I love you. We will see you. We will listen to you. You will love you. I guide, channel, teach based on my current and past life experiences. In this lifetime, I've experienced homelessness, alcoholism, a bipolar father, abuse, and more painful lessons early in life. I've experienced an immense amount of love, community, creation, motherhood, deep friendships. One experience isn't better than the other and one emotion isn't better than the other. All are beautiful love messages sent for us to listen deeply. As both human and spirit - we feel, breathe, pray and stand with feet rooted, crown lifted, and live our blissful truth again and again…

to understand the power & resiliency of the human spirit.

We are here to remember who we are. We are incredible unique beings that are cut from the same cloth of light and love. I’m here to assist you as you remember who you are infinitely and who you can become in this lifetime. I will guide you in opening to life’s challenges and life’s divinity – and see that all is one. 

When we meet, we will tap into ways to see and feel into your spiritual bodies. Together, we can discuss, discover and explore the Akashic records, archangels, spirit guides, spirit animals, drumming, elementals, yoga, meditation, mantra.




220 hr Power Yoga

220 hr Kundalini Yoga

Ceremonial & Native American Traditions 

Teachings of the Delicate Lodge

Level III Reiki Practitioner

Lightworker Training (2 years)

w/ Nielle Arnold Sovell

Light Body Yoga Training w/ Shannon Port

Mother, Warrior, Earth Angel, Shaman, Bear Medicine.

"True love will come. It will not bring pain, but healing. It will not bring confusion, but clarity. It will not awaken your insecurities, but put them to sleep. Real love will come and wipe away all the wrong experiences.  Hold on."

Pierre Alex Jeanty

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